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Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating Certified
Bossier City, Louisianna 
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ceramic coating - paint correction

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Experienced & Trustworthy

Welcome to Haley & Leach Auto Detailers, your go-to source for ceramic coating and paint correction services in Bossier City and surrounding area. We love getting to know our customers. We start with the customer’s auto detailing needs and work backwards. While our Bossier City, La. based auto detailing business has largely transformed into a specialized ceramic coating and paint correction operation, we aren’t your usual auto detailers…

Contact us today to learn more and schedule an appointment.

What Our Customers Say
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Haley & Leach did an amazing job on my 2020 Yukon. They were very professional and walked me through the ceramic coating process. My Yukon looks better now than when I bought it!

Kris Michaels

Haley & Leach Auto Detailers did an amazing job on my car! Their attention to detail is unmatched and my car looks brand new. I highly recommend their System X ceramic protection services to anyone looking to maintain their vehicle's appearance.

Frankie Bolder

I've been a loyal customer of Haley & Leach Auto Detailers since they ceramic coated my car for years. Their team is always professional and my car always looks great after a detailing session. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my vehicle!

Robbie White

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